Best Pool Covers 2020

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Best Pool Covers 2020

Review the best pool covers 2020 online at Pool Vortex using our side-by-side comparisons and extensive product reviews. If you’re currently shopping for an above ground pool cover or inground pool cover, we can make it easier for you to choose the perfect cover for your overnight or seasonal pool protection needs. Why take chances buying sight-unseen when you can benefit from the knowledge of our product experts and save money on a quality pool cover?

The Best Pool Covers 2020

Our top picks for the 2020 swim season include:

  1. Thermo-Tex Rectangle Solar Pool Cover
  2. Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover
  3. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover
  4. Blue Wave Above Ground Oval Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to protect your clean pool water from contamination that comes in the way of leaves, falling debris, sand, and other material that can result in more time and labor keeping your pool clean.

Free Online Resources

Use the information found on our website to choose from the top solar pool covers, winter pool covers, and safety pool covers. You’ll find extensive product reviews, a pool cover buyer’s guide, and help when comparing products and prices. If you’ve never owned a pool cover or never thought about the benefits of owning one, we’re confident you’ll soon see the many advantages of investing in a quality pool cover for overnight protection or seasonal pool closing.

How Will I Benefit From Owning a Pool Cover?

It surprises a lot of pool owners to learn that an affordable cover can lower the maintenance costs associated with owning a pool. Exclusive advantages include:

  • Reduced use of chemicals
  • Water evaporation reduction
  • Protection from small debris
  • Heat retention
  • Wintertime protection

Ask any pool owner and they’ll tell you that the purchase of a quality pool cover was the best investment they’ve made toward accessories. With proper maintenance, your pool cover should last from 5-10 years.

Why Should You Invest in a Pool Cover This Year?

Do you typically spend a lot of time skimming your swimming pool for leaves or vacuuming dirt or sand off of the bottom of your pool? A pool cover will cut down maintenance time by about half, so you’ll enjoy more time in the water and less time with pool equipment in your hands. Consider a solar pool cover and you’ll extend the swimming season by about 6 weeks; friends and family members will thank you profusely when you’re able to open your pool much earlier than municipal pools and stay open for weeks after other pools have closed.

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Best Pool Covers 2020

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