Courier Companies In Canada

Courier Companies In Canada

You might be wondering which courier services best fits your needs with so many different types and options out there. Knowing the different delivery services will help you get your package shipped when you need them and save you a lot of money on delivery charges. Read on to know the different courier services you can opt for.

Standard Courier Delivery Services

Standard courier delivery services are the best shipping option if your business is among those that depend on courier services. Standard courier shipping services follow a set of rules. Your package must be under a certain weight to avoid extra charges. For standard courier delivery services, the threshold for large packages is 50kg and often takes 2-3 days to deliver your package. This is an easy way to ship your package if you’re not in any hurry.

Same Day Delivery Services

Same Day deliveries are very popular. As the name suggests, this delivery option means you get your package sent and delivered the same day. However, this type of courier delivery service has some restrictions. Your deliveries must be local to ensure package delivery within the promised time. You have to call and make your shipping request before noon on the same day. This will enable the company to arrange the route and acquisition of your package.

Rush and On-Demand Deliveries

Rush and immediate deliveries are exceptional. These courier services are for those who need their package delivered as soon as possible without wasting much time. This option is only available for local deliveries. You won’t need to wait for many hours to get your package delivered. This is an excellent service if you want to send vital documents. Medical companies and other types of the organization benefit a lot from this service.

Parcel Services

Parcel delivery services are popular among the current generation. In most cases, it’s same-day delivery. This type of service is often only available for local deliveries to ensure goods are delivered within the promised time. For instance, food items are a common good for this delivery service and will only take an hour to deliver.

Luggage Delivery Services

A courier company can help you deliver excess baggage where you need to go. This option also guarantees the security of your luggage. This way, you won’t need to bother about damaging or losing your luggage along the way. Courier services often wrap your luggage in protective coverings to avoid damage during transportation. You will be permitted to keep track of your belongings while moving towards the destination.

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Couriers are different from other mail services because they offer tracking, signatures, specialization, individualization of services, and committed delivery times. At Vans LTL Courier, we provide professional courier services in Canada.

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Courier Companies In Canada

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