Hurricane Windows Pricing

Hurricane Windows Pricing

At High Service Glass of Florida, we frequently get asked questions like, “Are impact windows a good investment?” Or “Do hurricane impact windows work?” The simple answer is, “Yes.” The best hurricane impact windows are designed to endure glass fractures as the result of debris, turbulent winds, and heavy rain. Not only can hurricane compromise your home’s structure or destroy your home, but they can also threaten your family’s safety.

At High Service Glass of Florida, we offer a remarkable selection of designs, finishes, and styles without compromising the strength. We also give you the option to choose your own hurricane impact windows based on your budget. Let’s look at some of the most popular brands on the market based on budgets and what sets them apart.

Best Budget Hurricane Impact Windows: Simonton Windows 

Simonton impact windows are some of the best budget-friendly impact windows on the market. Dade County, which has the sternest building codes in the country, recently approve Simonton’s Stormbreaker hurricane impact resistant glass products in both aluminum and vinyl. The brand’s line includes geometric, picture, casement, and double-hung windows. 

The brand offers its Stormbreaker line, especially for the coastal regions. The windows meet the high standards of Dade County Florida and requirements of the Texas Departments of Insurance. In addition to the impact windows being hurricane compliant, they also block 99 percent of UV rays, reduce outside sound by 50 percent, help prevent break0ins, are shatter resistant, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly when compared to other quality impact windows in its class. 

Best Mid-Range Hurricane Impact Windows: Weather Shield

According to Weather Shield, all its impact windows pass several windborne-debris code standards. The company offers Premium Coastal hurricane impact windows that are certified by the Window & Door Manufacturers Association. Plus, the Premium Coastal windows are tested to withstand the high velocity of wind seeds and zone 4 conditions.   

The brand has one of the best impact window warranty in its class, with defects covering up to 20 years and 30 years covering wood rot in all clad windows. With the Window Shield’s casements, you can make over 6 million configurations.

Best Quality Hurricane Impact Windows: Andersen Windows 

What are the best-rated hurricane impact windows? Andersen is one of the best options for homeowners willing to spend a bit more on the best quality hurricane impact windows. For instance, the Andersen A-Series hurricane impact windows boast of the Stormwatch protection, as it has been tested to withstand corrosive conditions.

In addition, the manufacturer products undergo a missile launch experiment to make sure it is capable of withstanding high-velocity hurricanes. Like other products on this list, Andersen’s impact windows have hidden structural reinforcements that make them ready for violent storms. Though the Andersen products have one of the most expensive hurricane windows pricing, it is well worth the price.

How Much Does It Cost to Have an Impact Window Installed?

There are many factors that determine hurricane windows cost and prices installation, contact High Service Glass of Florida for an accurate quote. Here at High Service Glass of Florida, we’ll pick the best hurricane impact windows brands to protect your family and home from the hurricanes and inclement weather. In addition, we offer competitive hurricane windows pricing, contact us today to get prices best for you.


Hurricane Windows Pricing

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Hurricane Windows Pricing

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