Kansas City concrete floor grinder

Kansas City concrete floor grinder

What to consider in choosing the right Kansas City fine concrete floor grinder?

To choose the best service provider for any kind of construction job such as floor grinding, sawing, drilling, and others, it is vital to check first the integrity of the company that you want to engage with in terms of professional experience, and reliable service as well as the facility. Hence, there is one company that can truly cater to all your construction needs. KC Coring and Cutting is one of the leading structure and building solutions that offer top quality services including slab sawing, wall sawing, hand sawing, chain sawing, curb sawing, and wire sawing. Our company also offers core drilling, grooving as well as floor grinding, ground penetrating radar, dust collecting, and shot blaster services.

How efficient is our Kansas City concrete floor grinder?

KC Coring & Cutting was first to deliver the Kansas City area with the latest remote-controlled model concrete floor grinder PG 820 from the state-of-the-art RC version series which is the world’s leading floor grinder innovation developed by Dual Drive Technology. This new RC type equipment delivers a higher degree of productive work which is beneficial to customers in that it greatly helps to enhance ergonomic tasks and operations.

The equipment is designed and intended for easy transportation and access to and from the work area, saving our clients time. This remote-controlled concrete floor grinder PG 820 is a 820-mm mechanism that is highly efficient when it comes to various types of industrial services including the preparation of concrete floors, application for polishing, repairs, enhancements, and grinding for either a dry or wet appliance.

Other features include more accurate productivity using remote control system since it consumes less preparation time and labor so you can simultaneously work or organize the next step while finishing your floor grinding.

What else does KC Coring & Cutting offer?

Besides fine concrete floor grinding for the Kansas City metropolitan area, KC Coring & Cutting also provides grooving service with a changeable blade system that allows you to customize up to 30″ wide of cutting-edge capacity. Our Groover is effectively utilized for cutting thin partitions to any type of surface area either a flat area or a huge concrete or asphalt form. In this way, the grooves created can be used to successfully enhance traction support and any drainage function. This service is widely used for all sorts of manufacturing, building, or industrial works such as roadways, plants, factories, run or pathways, warehouse facilities or factories, ramps, inclines, and loading docks. For small and individual utilization, grooving or grinding can be employed in other private facilities such as barns for livestock as well as yards. This equipment is safe for construction sites and other busy working environments.

We also provide well trained and experienced machine operators who can operate the equipment you want to employ for your business or project. Our team of machinists and operators are all OSHA certified, drug-free, and proficient in accomplishing any construction related procedures that require machine tasks. To know more about our services, give us a call at 816-523-2015 to see how we can help you with your Kansas City concrete floor grinder needs!

Kansas City concrete floor grinder

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