La Pool Designer

La Pool Designer

What We Offer As An LA Pool Designer

We are an experienced LA pool designer and builder and we give our clients offers that can’t be found anywhere else. If you need an LA pool designer and pool builder, here are some of the reasons you should consider us first.

We offer experience

We have been in this business for over 37 years and we are still growing stronger. By taking part in the building of different generations of swimming pools, we have been able to evolve with the service. So, only very few of our competitors can match our experience and expertise.

As an experienced LA pool designer, we will deploy our wealth of experience when building your pool because we give our best shot all the time.

Our pools don’t crack

To underscore the level of confidence we have in our service, we can state categorically that our pools don’t crack in any condition. You know why? We make use of more steel than necessary for reinforcement. While inspectors may see it as waste of resources, we see it as durability and we have made it our standard.

Variety of design

Apart from durability, we also consider the aesthetic part of pool building. Every pool should give your home a better look. So, we will look at your home and suggest the best and most cost effective pool design for you. That way, we can say we offer individualized pool building services.

Over the years, we have been able to design and build a wide range of pools with different features. In addition, you can also come up with your idea and if it is possible, we will implement it for you and include a few professional touches.

Great sitting arrangement

We also make sure we make the best use of the surrounding of your pool to create enough sitting space. This is necessary in case you decide to throw a pool party. You will definitely need enough seats for all the guests that will turn up.

We offer a lifetime warranty

We are so confident of our standard that we can comfortably offer a lifetime warranty literarily. Yes, we are stating that once we build a pool for you, you will never have any issue with it. And if you do, we will be glad to fix it without charging you for labor.

One of the reasons we are able to maintain our standard is that we don’t take shortcuts and we do not use substandard materials. Even all our salesmen are builders. They are all experienced in building pools.

We offer higher grade plumbing

Our plumbing standard is higher than the general standard. Every other builder offers 2 inch plumbing but we took it a step higher. We offer 3 inch plumbing. This is because after a while, the roots will definitely get into 2 inch plumbing. This hardly happens with 3 inch plumbing.

We enjoy warranty on pool equipment

Due to our over 20 year relationship with Pentair, a leading supplier of pool equipment, we enjoy 3 year warranty on the equipment we buy from them. So, we have transferred the privilege to our clients. It is necessary to let you know that Pentair does not give any other pool builder such privilege.

When next you need a pool or when you want to renovate your old pool, just contact us and let us match our words with actions.

La Pool Designer