Outdoor Patio Covers

Outdoor Patio Covers

The entire point of anticipating summer is because we cannot wait to be outside and bask in the lovely weather. A shade solution is one of the best ways to ensure you are always sitting outdoors because you can control the intensity of string sun rays, rains, and winds.

Are you trying to build your patio cover? A drive around any neighborhood will show you that there are a dozen and more different types of covers. Keep reading to learn more about specific kinds of outdoor patio covers under each major category, and you will know what you need to create a functional and permanent intimate relaxation spot.

Detailed Description Of Different Types Of Outdoor Patio Covers


The awning outdoor patio cover has corners that face downwards and quickly direct water from its surface to the ground. The cover will usually have a solid material and versatile installation designs custom-made to your preference. Awnings are the more classic and popular choice because they have proven to be convenient for different weather conditions.

Awnings can be installed with a manual or automatic operation so you can control them without having to leave your position. General benefits of these outdoor patio covers include:

  • They come in a variety of colors
  • We have a generous warranty so you can feel confident about the purchase
  • Different colors will give the shade a different ambiance

All our awnings come in different categories, such as free-standing, portable, and vertical awnings. Each of these has a slightly different framework and structure that is beneficial for your custom needs.


The patio cover can be permanently attached, hanging, or free-standing. The design can be solid material that blocks light exposure or grid-like rafters that allow some sunshine. Some common types of pergola materials include:

  • Wood has a rustic and wood-like ambiance
  • Vinyl is the most affordable of all materials
  • Fiberglass has endless color options and offers exceptional sturdiness
  • Metal offers solid coverage and is best for car garages and other spaces that need consistent shade

Pergola outdoor patios are extensive and versatile to cover a variety of materials. These covers are optimal because they need the least amount of maintenance and have varying surfaces, so there is an endless array of options to match your style.

Shade Screens

Shade screens are canopies tied directly to the ground or sturdy surfaces. They are cheaper than most options and have different style variations depending on the colors and designs. Shade sails incorporate several materials panels, enhancing UV protection and improving resistance against water intrusion. The range of outdoor shade deck covers include:

  • Fixed shade sails are fixed together on different points using wires or clips.
  • A retraceable style that you can extend to provide more coverage against sunlight
  • A shade that you can attach to the house

Which patio cover plan is right for you? It all depends on your region’s weather, the purpose of the cover, and your budget. Time is crucial when using it to protect a car or other valuables, so check our store for all the options on different patio cover ideas to get the ideal patio roof covers while the stocks still last.

Outdoor Patio Covers