Pool Care Bradenton

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Pool Care Bradenton

If you are too busy to care for your own pool or you just don’t want to be burdened with the hassle of it, contact Erik’s Aquatic. For fast, thorough, and professional pool care in Bradenton at Florida’s lowest prices, there simply is no alternative! Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners have bad experiences getting into contracts with pool care “professionals.” While pool care services are relatively trivial and should be pretty simple and straight-forward, you want to be selective about the pool care company you employ.

Whether you hire Erik’s Aquatic or another local pool service company, we don’t like to see our neighbors get ripped off or get a bad bargain. There are some things that you can do to protect yourself from hiring a bad “pool boy.” For example, in addition to paying attention to how the professionals present themselves when they bid for your account, you need to make sure they have liability insurance. This way, you’ll have recourse against the company if there’s ever a problem.

How Much Insurance Should a Pool Care Company Have?

The pool service company that you hire should have liability insurance that covers them at least up to $1 million per occurrence, and it is an added bonus if the pool service professional that you are hiring is CPO certified. This means that the professional has passed an exam and is certified to service pools in Bradenton. When you choose Erik’s Aquatic, you will get a CPO certified professional with liability insurance to cover any accidents or damages that might occur.

Make Sure the Pool Care Provider Can Give You References

If you would like a list of professional references, we would be happy to give them to you upon request. You can either email or call us and request our references. This is important because, unless a company is brand new and you’re their first client, they should be able to provide you with personal and professional references. If they can’t, do not hire them!

Erik’s Aquatic Provides Total Pool Care in Bradenton

Erik’s Aquatic offers a range of pool care services in Bradenton FL, making ours the most comprehensive pool care in Bradenton. We offer pool repair, chemicals maintenance, skimming and brushing, and vacuuming to name a few of our services. Be sure to check out our website to see the different levels of service we have.

One of the reasons our clients stay with us year after year is because Erik’s Aquatic proudly goes above and beyond our call of duty to please our clients. For example, in addition to pool services, we can often help with minor things like a faulty latch on the gate or something that’s relatively simple to fix. This way, our clients don’t have to incur the bill of another service provider.

Choose Erik’s Aquatic

At Erik’s Aquatic, we understand that you need to trust your pool care professional 100% because you’re giving them access to your property each week. That’s why we have worked hard over the years to earn a reputation of honesty and integrity. We wouldn’t send anyone to your home who we wouldn’t want in ours.

Pool Care Bradenton

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