Pool Heaters Coral Springs

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Pool Heaters Coral Springs

Your swimming pool is the most important feature of your backyard. You and your family and close friends will spend many hours in and around the pool in the summer months. While the climate here in South Florida, we have hot weather in the summer and mild weather during the rest of the year. You can extend the use of your pool during the cooler months with pool heaters in Coral Springs. At Tropical Pool Supplies and Service, we offer quality work from our dedicated team.

How Pool Heaters Work

A pool heater is a type of heater that generally operates by electricity. There are also some solar-powered pool heaters. Typical pool heaters in Coral Springs use heat pumps to warm up the water. The system utilizes an evaporator coil and condenser that takes the outside air and converts it to gas. Cool pool water goes into the unit and gets heated before it exits back into the pool. Solar heaters are the most economical option and are quite efficient because of the plentiful sun we have here in South Florida.

Tips for Choosing Pool Heaters in Coral Springs

It would be best if you chose a heater with the proper size for the size of your pool. You want to be able to heat the pool in a short period of time. Once the water is at the temperature you prefer, you can turn off the heater or run it periodically as necessary. Pick a heater that will operate economically. Many different companies manufacture pool heaters. Opt for a company that has a good reputation with pool heaters in Coral Springs. At Tropical Pool Supply, we have experts to assist you in choosing the correct pool heater. Our team will expertly install the unit and ensure that your pool heater works properly to provide you with comfortable water for you and your guests.

Advantages of Pool Heaters in Coral Springs

There are many benefits to installing a heater for your swimming pool. A heater makes the water much more comfortable. It extends the use of your pool on cool days or evenings and throughout the entire year. You don’t need to close your pool for the season when you have a pool heater. You will always enjoy the warm water, regardless of the temperature outside. Kids and adults alike have more fun swimming when the water is at the perfect temperature. A pool heater helps keep the temperature of the water at an even number all the time. It will increase the value of your pool.

Tropical Pool Supplies and Services

Tropical Pool Supplies and Services is a leading swimming pool company in Coral Springs. We provide high-quality installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Our team has the expertise and training to handle pools of all shapes and sizes. We know pools and will work with you to help you choose the heater to fit your needs and expectations. We offer professional installation and maintenance and are happy to answer your questions. Call Tropical Pool Supplies to schedule service or to get help finding your products: (954) 597-7480.

Pool Heaters Coral Springs

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Pool Heaters Coral Springs

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