Solar Pool Heaters Volusia County

Pool owners who are researching solar pool heaters in Volusia County are often quite surprised to learn that the initial investment is relatively low while the ongoing costs of maintaining a solar heating system are virtually nonexistent. If you’ve been thinking about installing a solar heating system for your pool, contact Everything 4 Pools and Solar at 407-927-0652.

The FAFCO solar pool heaters from Volusia County experts at Everything 4 Pools and Solar is completely trouble-free. It works by detecting when heat is needed in the pool and diverts water from the pool return line up to the roof and through the solar collectors. The FAFCO solar heating system is as easy as:

– Setting your desired water temperature. Sensors will automatically determine the most efficient time to run.
– Your pool pump will send cold water from the pool through the solar collectors.
– FAFCO’s special polymer solar collectors will heat the water as it is channeled through the collector array.
– Warm, solar heated water will flow back into your pool.

It really is as simple as that! A solar heating system will double your swim season, so you can enjoy your pool far longer than without one. Call the solar pool heaters experts in Volusia County at 407-927-0652 to determine the specific performance you can expect. They’ll also inspect your available roof or other mounting area to find the best location for the panels.

How much do solar pool heaters cost in Volusia County? The investment is surprisingly low. It’s important to speak with someone from Everything 4 Pools and Solar, so they can assess your needs and help you choose the most efficient system for your pool. You can fill out a contact form online at to make a quick connection with an expert, or feel free to call 407-927-0652 to speak with a specialist.

As well as the low investment cost for solar heating, pool owners are also surprised to find out that the extra costs involved in operating your solar heating system are virtually non-existent. Your current pump may run slightly more or less during the daylight hours but the cost difference is usually insignificant. Perhaps best of all, there is no extra strain on your pump to push pool water through the solar collectors. Pressure is relieved by water falling down the return line after traveling through the collectors.

Why use solar heat for your pool? There are many convincing reasons. Solar energy is clean, it’s free and it’s inexhaustible. One drawback to solar heating is that it doesn’t have the ability to provide any temperature on demand, so if you require high temperatures for therapeutic exercise, you may want to consider using a gas-powered system for a back-up.

Solar is a very mature technology. You can learn more about solar pool heaters for your Volusia County pool by calling the pros from Everything 4 Pools and Solar at 407-927-0652. Solar Pool Heaters Volusia County

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