Swimming Pool Heater Repair Fort Worth Tx

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Swimming Pool Heater Repair Fort Worth Tx

For fast and affordable swimming pool heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, call Water Tex Pools. Like anything else, your swimming pool heater will break down on you over time. Water Tex Pools can get it fixed for you quickly. If you are going to be entertaining guests or having a party, you should check your swimming pool heater about a week or so in advance to make sure everything is working properly. Water Tex Pools can also help you with pool heater troubleshooting. Water Tex Pools would like to share a few tips with you about what to do before you call a swimming pool heater repair technician.

Troubleshooting Your Swimming Pool Heater

One of the simplest things that you can do is to check the gas line of the heater to see if it is on or off. If the handle is facing down, then it is in the off position. The 'On' position is when the handle is facing east and west. Also, on top of your swimming pool water heater, there is a vent. You will want to make sure that there is nothing on top of it obstructing the discharge of hot air. Obstructions can prevent your heater from activating.

Test the Heater

One of the most common problems with swimming pool water heaters is the flame sensor. If you have an error code E05, this means that your swimming pool heater has a faulty flame sensor or bad ignition control. This is a very common problem, and it is a very easy and cheap problem to fix. If you have a problem with your swimming pool heater, the service light should come on, and usually, an error code will display within the first couple of minutes when you turn it on.

Put your swimming pool heater on spa mode and turn it on, placing the temperature at 103 degrees. Set the pool button to 87 degrees. You'll want to make sure that your suction line is on. An easy to way check if your suction line is on is to see if the spa is actually bubbling and containing itself within its self-contained area. This way, you know you have the valves right. Again, the valve handle should be facing east to west. You may get confused if you have a side port valve. You can always tell what the main valve is because the main pipe will be going into the pump.

When you look at your heater, you may notice if your heater light is on and the service lights are off. This would indicate that your heater is working. You can also place your hand above the heater vent and make sure there is hot air coming out. Be careful not to place your hand to close to the vent, or you might get burnt, as this part of the heater is very hot, assuming that the heater is working correctly. If you need assistance with your swimming pool heater in Fort Worth, TX, contact Water Tex Pools today.

Swimming Pool Heater Repair Fort Worth Tx
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