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Everything 4 Pools And Solar

Everything 4 Pools and Solar is Sanford’s premier source for swimming pool heating, equipment repair and replacement, pool chemistry automation, and home solar hot water heating systems.

Owned by Mike Steininger, a lifelong Central Florida resident, our team of pool and solar professionals has over 30 years of experience serving the Sanford area. Mike served as operations manager of North America’s largest swimming pool heating contractor for over 20 years before starting his own business in 2002.

We hold active licenses for swimming pool and spa contracting, solar contracting and gas heater installation and repair in Sanford Florida. So whether it’s time to renovate your Sanford pool or to add, repair or replace equipment, or make the move to home solar hot water heating, Everything 4 Pools and Solar is your one-stop source for timely and professional work at a fair price in Sanford.

Gas Pool Heaters

We are licensed gas pool heater contractors and service, repair and replace all major brands throughout the Sanford Florida area. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, we can handle all your gas heater needs. And it’s important to know that most of the companies that sell, repair and replace gas pool heaters are not actually licensed as gas heater contractors in Sanford Florida.

Gas pool heaters, which burn either propane or natural gas, can maintain your Sanford pool at pretty much any temperature you desire. Want 90°F pool water over the holidays? No problem. For more information about gas pool heaters CLICK HERE.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heat pumps work just like central air conditioning heat pumps, only in reverse. Instead of removing heat from the inside of your home and expelling it to the outside air, a pool heat pump takes heat out of the outside air and transfers it into your pool water. Swimming pool heat pumps can extract useful heat energy in air temperatures as low as 45–50°F, so they are very effective in Sanford’s mild climate.

A pool heat pump is a worthwhile investment that increases the value of your Sanford swimming pool and extends your bathing season—from the first signs of spring to cool autumn evenings. So that you can get the most out of your Sanford pool, AquaCal has developed innovative products that combine the finest electric and mechanical components in the industry, decreasing energy consumption and reducing running costs. AquaCal pool heaters offer a multitude of characteristics that place them well beyond industry standards. For more information about AquaCal swimming pool heat pumps CLICK HERE.

Solar Pool Heaters

Everything 4 Pools and Solar is a Sanford Florida dealer for FAFCO solar Pool Heaters, the clear solar pool heating industry leaders for 40 years, with more than two dozen United States patents. We are licensed and FASCO factory authorized solar pool heater contractors and we service, repair and replace all major brands throughout the Sanford Florida area. FAFCO has manufactured and sold more swimming pool solar collectors and solar pool heating systems than all other companies in the solar industry combined.

Solar pool heating is by far the most cost-effective way to heat your Sanford pool. The sun’s energy is clean, free and inexhaustible. And plentiful in Sanford on a year-round basis. While solar does not have the ability to deliver any temperature on demand in any weather, you will never have to turn your solar pool heater off because you can no longer afford its operating cost. A solar pool heating system can double your comfortable swim season in a warm Sanford pool. For more information about Fasco solar pool heaters CLICK HERE.

Pool Equipment Repair and Replacement

If you’ve owned a Sanford pool for any period of time, you know that a properly functioning pump, filter and control system are essential to sparkling clean pool water. It’s amazing how fast a Sanford swimming pool’s water quality can deteriorate if a pump is losing prime or the filter has lost its effectiveness.

We’re Sanford pool equipment repair and replacement experts. We can have you up and running at peak efficiency in no time at all, but it’s important that you get pool circulation and cleaning problems corrected as early as possible. A prolonged problem can permanently damage your pool finish or lead to health problems.

Something else to consider: With Sanford’s high and rising energy costs, your pool pump can be a significant contributor to your monthly electric bill. If you have an older pool pump, chances are good that we can get you into a new, energy-efficient pump that will give you the same or improved water circulation with much less energy consumption.

Finally, it really doesn’t matter what brand of pool equipment you need to repair or replace, we work on and can obtain parts and replacement equipment for all major manufacturers. Call us for all your pool equipment and pool pump repair needs!

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Salt And Ozone Systems

The most important part of your Sanford swimming pool equipment is the water sanitizer. The salt chlorine generator and ozone systems being the most popular system.

Sanford salt water pools are more comfortable for swimmers. Don’t think there isn’t any chlorine in these pools. There is, however in a salt water pool the level of chlorine is lower and the pH level can be a bit higher. This means that the pool water doesn’t cause burning of the eyes, or itching, dry skin, or green hair. It also smells and tastes much better.

Sanford salt water pools cost less to maintain. A salt water pool vs. chlorine pool is much cheaper over time because you do not have to add chlorine tablets to the water. The salt water runs through an electrical system that charges the salt and creates chlorine on its own.

Ozone was used as a water purifier in the 1800’s. More and more people are rediscovering this method as a powerful sanitizer. You may have noticed by now, oxygen or oxy enhancers, with the effectiveness of O3 being used in soap powders and detergents, which replaces bleach. Bleach is chlorine.

Using a corona discharge unit or an ultra violet light, atmospheric oxygen O2 can be changed into O3 oxygen and becomes a powerful disinfectant which can safely purify water and air. This is one of the most effective ways to replace chemical sanitizer.

In Sanford swimming pools ozone burns off foreign bodies in the water including skin, makeup, oil and sunscreen residues. Only a slight residual of chlorine is necessary in the water. This will range only 1/4 to 1/2 a part per million, which leaves it undetectable and very comfortable for Sanford swimmers.

The Benefits of Ozone Sanitization:

  • Works very well with salt water chlorine generators.
  • Produces no by-products or Total Dissolved Solids in water
  • Saves considerably on the cost of chemicals
  • Prolongs equipment life by reducing the need for high concentrations of corrosive chlorine
  • Kills bacteria, molds, spores, cysts and viruses much quicker than chlorine or bromine.
  • Eliminates residues which irritate eyes and cause dry itchy skin
  • Reduces the need to chemically shock pool water
  • Provides healthier swimming environment
  • Improves water clarity and purity

For a free estimate to install your salt and ozone system in Sanford, give us a call today!

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